Don’t be left wondering, get a mass notification system installed by TAG Action Controls of Cleveland and Columbus, OH!


When catastrophe strikes, whether it is Mother Nature or man-made danger, communication is key. Planning in the form of mass notification systems is integral.

The idea is to protect life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and instructing people what actions need to be taken. This involves the use of real-time information through signals, texts and graphics. It can be isolated to one building or pertain to an entire site or area.

Prior to an incident, mass notification systems require risk analysis and an emergency response plan.

buy provigil canada pharmacy Seroquel mexico THINGS TO THINK ABOUT :

  • Determine your system needs and the likelihood of an event occurring.
  • Reliability and flexibility for information to be spread across different platforms are key.
  • Applications include uses by campus locations, medical field facilities, municipal buildings, military barracks, oil & gas platforms and power plants.
  • Emergency communication systems range from smart phones to indoor/outdoor help stations.
  • Message Delivery: Audio, visual, and targeted.
  • Ability to integrate with current systems or standalone.