Get peace of mind knowing who’s at the door before you open it, contact TAG Action Controls for a new intercom system!


No matter who is visiting, a simple “Hello” is always appreciated. However, you want to be prepared for whatever comes after the greeting. Whether it’s as simple as allowing entrance for a guest, business client or vendor, having control over the situation means maintaining your safety and security.

That’s where the importance of modern intercom systems can’t be oversold. High-tech and clean design hardware provides a comprehensive portfolio of security offerings for businesses – audio, video and access control needs.

Today’s intercoms also provide the user off-site access to protect building assets and more with capacity to:

  • See visitors with clear video options
  • Talk with uninvited visitors to determine their intent
  • Unlock doors with the touch of a button
  • Control communication and security over a network
  • Utilize mobile devices for communication as well as allowing or denying access