Make sure you’re watching your property with a new Camera System installed by Action Controls in the Cleveland and Columbus, OH areas!


Camera systems are proven to deter crime while keeping a keen eye on property and employees. The growing security technology and services market has evolved over the last decade making the ROI quite attractive.

Today’s high-tech cameras provide a multitude of applications and functions. Whether it’s discreet surveillance in intimate environments or visible observation in harsh conditions (adverse lighting or weather), there are various solutions. Features such as wide dynamic range, infrared and Light finder, make it possible to view high-definition video under many circumstances.

Advanced video analytics features like motion detection, line crossing, people counting, license plate recognition, and object detection/recognition make these cameras useful in many applications. Some of these applications include perimeter detection (line crossing), people flow management (people counting), and keeping an eye on expensive assets (object recognition). All of these analytics can then be used to trigger an alarm and alert the owner of the situation.

TAG also has options when you are looking to upgrade your current analog system. One option is to use current cabling infrastructure and upgrade to new IP networked cameras and software. The other option is to use an analog to IP converter to put current analog cameras on networked software. New IP cameras can also be added to these systems. A networked system allows for remote viewing and management via an offsite computer, tablet or cellular device.

Here are some common features offered:

  • Simultaneous record, playback, live view and export
  • Video Client, Mapping Client, Web Client
  • Alarm Client and CV Spotlight (N/A in loud)
  • Advanced search capabilities – smart search and thumbnail search
  • Remote software update
  • Flexible motion detection
  • Independent frame rate control up to 30 FPS
  • Smart Search – based on motion in a defined area
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Stable Recording Architecture
  • Hybrid support for both Analog and IP*
  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling
  • One time, per-camera license fee – no server/client fee
  • Per-camera time zone setting
  • Integration with IP and analog cameras